Summit XL - Arctic Spas

Summit XL

Custom Series

The bigger the better!

Spa Boy®

The most advanced Automated Water Care System is available on this hot tub!


Water Volume:

525 US Gallons / 1988 litres


Height: 98cm / 39″
Width: 235 cm / 93″
Length: 297 cm / 117″

Seats: 9

Capacity: 9


The Summit might be the perfect family spa.

This spa features three different depth Shuttle Seats for varied body types ensuring you will find both amazing comfort and depth.

Multi level armrests and a swivel/lounge seat offer great variety in what has always been our most popular model


Platinum Swirl


*Models displayed are representative of colors ONLY and may not be the model described.

Choose your spa jet configuration by selecting an option below:

Jets: 60 – Pumps: 4

Jets: 40 – Pumps: 3

Jets: 60 – Pumps: 3

Jets: 40 – Pumps: 2

Jets: 20 – Pumps: 1

Optional Features

The ability to customize an Arctic Spa is one of the best features of the brand.

Choose exactly what you want and need.