Wolverine - Arctic Spas


Classic Series

The ultimate hybrid


Water Volume:

1347 US Gallons / 5100 litres


Height: 129cm / 51″
Width: 236cm / 93″
Length: 436cm / 93″

Seats: 2


The Wolverine is uncompromising in every way. With both a full length swim zone and two therapy seats, it is a perfect blend of performance and therapy.

Both the Niagara Counter Current Swim System and the maximum number of therapeutic jets possible solidify the Wolverine as the best All Weather Pool available.


Platinum Swirl

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Standard Features

Arctic Spas come with a range of features as standard!

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Tether System

Niagra System

Monsoon System

Optional Features

The ability to customize an Arctic Spa is one of the best features of the brand.

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